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Suspension or Revocation?

A suspension is the temporary loss of driving privileges for a specified period of time.   A revocation is different.  It is the indefinite loss of your driving privileges. There is no ‘automatic’ reinstatement even after the period of revocation ends.  Call Bob today to find out your reinstatement and/or permit options.

What Type of Hearing Will I Need to Get Driving Privileges?

The Secretary of State conducts 2 types of hearings: formal and informal. Generally, formal hearings are required when a person has multiple DUI cases.

A formal hearing requires testimony under oath before a hearing officer and a contracted attorney representing the Secretary of State.  The rules of the Secretary of State’s office are complicated and many requests for reinstatement are denied, due either to treatment issues or inaccurate evaluation of the potential driver.
Professional legal assistance is the best way to approach these challenges.   You must satisfy that you are not a risk to the public safety.

How Long Does it Take to get a Hearing and a Decision on My Request for Driving Relief?

Once you've met with an attorney and requested a hearing, the relief process could take up to six months.  Get started right away and plan accordingly.

Do I Need to take a Driver's Test and Purchase SR-22 Insurance?

Yes and Yes.   The Secretary of State requires that you test and then maintain high-risk insurance for a 36-month period.   Your restricted permit may be less than this period, but even after driving successfully on a permit, reinstatement is still not automatic. You must still first have another hearing before the Secretary of State.  (Yes, it is an involved process and it pays to do it right the first time around.)

Note, it is likely that you will have to have a BAIID device installed in every vehicle that is registered in your name, although the Secretary of State will permit work vehicle exemptions under certain circumstances.

How Long Will I Need to Have a BAIID in My Car?

The amount of time you will need to have the BAIID device installed in your vehicle varies.  All of those questions will be addressed at your first consultation.


How Much Will it Cost to Have an Attorney Represent Me?

Costs of legal services vary based upon your record and treatment/evaluation level of risk.  My practice has been very critical in reviewing potential clients and their willingness to accomplish the treatment and the lifestyle required for relief.  I do turn some people away when I don't agree that they are ready for the examination and to meet the requirements of the SOS.   Although a very few amount of my clients (about 10%) did not get relief after their first hearing, I have been ultimately successful in gaining driving relief for all clients I have represented to date in formal and informal hearings before the Secretary of State and I have not charged any additional fees to take them to a second hearing.  I'm here to help and those who are worthy of that assistance shouldn't pay any more for the second hearing.

If I Have Already Been Denied at a hearing, can a Lawyer Still Help Me?

Yes, I will address your denial appropriately and do what is right to gain your driving relief.

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