Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement

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Contact Bob Thompson today to learn more about driver's license reinstatement.   If you have a revoked Illinois Driver's License from a DUI conviction Bob will represent you before the Secretary of State.

The Illinois Secretary of State's Office has imposed strict and often confusing guidelines for driver's license reinstatement after a DUI conviction.

If you seek to reinstate your driving privileges you must request an administrative hearing before the Secretary of State.

Bob has practiced before the Illinois Secretary of State for over 20 years with successful results.

To get your license reinstated you must answer the following questions and more...

do you ever drink shots?
did you ever experience an increased tolerance to alcohol?
did you abuse alcohol?
did you ever set limits on your drinking?
did you ever engage in morning drinking?
did you ever drink seven days in a row?
did you ever hide drinking from your family?
have you ever gone to AA?
did you ever drink fast for a quick buzz?
did you ever have physical problems from your drinking?
did you ever have financial problems from your drinking?
have you ever drank on an empty stomach?
did alcohol ever control your life?
did you ever drink until you couldn’t stopdrinking?
did you ever miss work because of alcohol?
have you ever had a family member complain about your alcohol use?
did you ever ruin a friendship/relationship from your drinking?
did you ever drive with your license suspended or revoked?
did you ever drive intoxicated other than thetimes you were arrested?
did you ever binge drink?
did you ever experience withdrawal symptoms like sweats or shakes
did you ever experience blackouts?
did you ever experience hangovers or vomiting?
can you define increased tolerance?
do you need any more treatment? Why or why not?
what, if anything, could happen to get you to go back to abusing alcohol again?
what steps would you take to avoid it?
in your treatment, did you and your provider reach a decision as to why you were abusing alcohol?
what caused you to drink?
what is different now that eliminates the reason?
what was your low point?
do you feel you are a risk to drink even a small amount and drive? Why?
do you feel you could safely drink a certain amount of alcohol and drive?
are you an alcoholic?

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